Scarless Surgery

For the first time in eastern India: A new and novel technique of laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and appendix (NOTES):

Over the years laparoscopic surgery or minimal access surgery for gallbladder stone or appendix has been performed with 3 or four small incisions or cuts on the abdominal wall. This results in 3 or 4 small cars on the abdominal wall with some degree of visible scar and pain. We have recently started performing the same surgery in female patients with no scar or any cuts on the abdominal wall. The procedure is being performed by a novel technique in which the abdominal cavity is entered through the vagina in female patients. Once we have access in the abdominal cavity through an opening in the vagina, the surgery is carried out with certain specialized equipment. The surgery is performed and the gallbladder and appendix is then extracted through the vagina. The vaginal opening is subsequently closed. The resultant effect is that that the patient does not have any visible scar. Pain is also less and recovery is quicker. There are no significant side effect or complications with this procedure. It is however a much more technically difficult procedure to perform than a standard laparoscopic surgery. This procedure in the medical terms is called NOTES (Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery). We have till now performed a significant number of hybrid NOTES and pure NOTES procedures on our patients with excellent results. Currently we are offering this surgery to certain selective female patients.

Scarless surgery - laparoscopic transvaginal hybrid cholcystectomy